Monday, November 12, 2012

Acceptance Worship Center Ministry
Mid-Week Bible Study
Pastor Mark James

Focal Book of Study – Romans
The book of Romans was written by Paul from Corinth during his third visit to that city.  When Paul wrote it, the Gospel had been preached through the Roman world for about a quarter of a century and many groups of Christians had come into existence.  Many questions had come out of these groups such as – “God’s grace – the Gospel and the Law - the Abrahamic Covenant” – and many other such questions.  Paul had not yet been to Rome when he wrote this Epistle.
The Structure of the Book:
            *How the Gospel Saves – Chapter 1 through 8
            *How the Gospel Relates to Israel – Chapter 9 through 11
            *How the Gospel Affects Conduct – Chapters 12 through 16
How the Gospel Saves – Chapter 1 through 8
These first eight chapters are doctrinal because they teach the basic doctrines of the Gospel.  After a brief introduction Paul immediately begins a doctrinal discussion on “how the Gospel saves.”
First, The Pagan Man – (Gentile) – 1:18-32
Second, The moral man – (hypocrite) – 2:1-16
Third, The religious man – (Jew) – 2:17 through 3:8
Fourth, ALL are in SIN – Jew & Gentile – 3:9-20