Sunday, January 13, 2013

Acceptance Worship Center Ministry
of Washington DC
Glad tidings for the New Year 2013
 Mark James – Lead Pastor
Grace and Peace – I greet you this New Year 2013 with Jesus Joy!  I just want to share with you a familiar word that the lord gave me for 2013!  God gave me this word in December 2012, but it was made plan to me today, by my Bishop O. C Allen 3rd and now I’m sharing it!
The thought for 2013 is Maturity, growth, or growing up!  You can pick which word you want to use for yourself.  The focal passages of scriptures are found in Philippians 3: 3-13.  Paul says to the people that what he is saying is nothing new that hasn’t been said to them before.  He lets them know that this is a word of safety and admonishment for growth.
Paul states that there are 3 things they should beware of;
1.    Beware of barking dogs, (Judaizers, Legalists)
2.    Beware of religious busybodies, (mischief makers)
3.    Beware of those who mutilate the flesh, (interested in appearances, knife happy circumcisers)
He shares with them in the 7-11th passages of scripture, that he knows that what he gained in the past in nothing compared to the priceless privilege of knowing Christ Jesus. (John 3:16 – Salvation id for everyone)
·       This year, if you don’t know Christ in His resurrection power, then get to know Him.  If you know someone that does not know Him, then please share your testimony of knowing Jesus Christ with them. 
·       In order to take on more of Christ personally, you will give to give up some stuff to experience His resurrection power, be a partner in His suffering, and go all the way with Him to death itself.
In the 13th-15th passages of scripture, Paul lets them know that he is not an expert in doing these tasks that are stated before.
·       We will never be experts in striving towards holiness!  God honors when we make our best efforts in doing so.
He lets us know that we need to goals and dreams ahead of us.  We need to press towards that mark.
·       Bishop O.C. Allen 3rd placed it like this, “It’s good to have goals and dreams, but they are nothing unless you start plans (putting things in place, writing things down) towards those goals and dreams.”
·       Goal for this coming week, - start writing down your plans on how you will move closer to your dreams.
·       Stay focus on God.
·       Meanwhile writing consult God, and if anything is blurry in your writing He will direct your hand and your thoughts!
·       Verse 15th admonishes us to now be spiritually mature or start working on our maturity!
Conclusion – Today I found out through O.C Allen that the Jewish community celebrates manhood and maturity at the age 13, which is called Bar mitzvah.  Well thank God it’s 2013, and it’s time for us to celebrate the year of maturity.  Follow the principles that were outlined in the text and start growing up.  Stop complaining, but celebrate conflict, and make it a great year!  God has sooo much in store for you!

Pastor Mark James - AWCM