Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What you say???????

Bible has a few scriptures on how we should speak.  I chose to use my life experience with in this weekly nugget.  Words can heal, kill, restore, eliminate, correct, speak life, encourage, break down, & educate just to say a few.  Words can be pungent.  My former Pastor the Late Bishop Addie B. Mclinton preached a message at convocation one year about the “Pink Tornado.”  She preached that message about watching what you say.  It is your choice to use your words wisely.  Everything that comes to your mind is not always best to speak if you want to work things out!  Watch your speech!  These are some signs of maturity.  We all learn as we grow!  Grow to speak life and love!  I’m growing with you.  I’m not exempt from the growth of controlling my tongue, Pastor and all.  My prayer this week is lord let me control my tongue!  This week’s Maturity Nugget for 2013! 
 Still celebrating 2013 the Year of Maturity!

Pastor Mark!