Monday, July 2, 2018

A Great Point when walking with God
Communication is the Key!

Communicating with God is as important to your spiritual well-being as breathing is to your physical life. “The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6. 

One of the biggest problems in our relationship with God is thinking that we can depend on Him on our own terms. This independent dependence often shows up in the way we pray. While most people do pray, relatively few people pray to God on His terms. We should pray the way God wants us to pray.
Jesus gave a blueprint for prayer that remains just as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago.
When we pray, we often concentrate on the gifts in God’s hand and ignore the hand of God Himself. We pray fervently for the new job or for the return of health. When we gain the prize, we are delighted. And then we have little more to do with God. If we are only after the gifts, God’s hand serves only as a way to pay the rent, heal the sickness, or get through the crisis. After the need has been met, the hand itself means little to us.
While God in His grace does give good gifts to His children, He offers us more than that; He offers us Himself. Those who are satisfied merely with the trinkets in the Father’s hand miss the best reward of prayer—the reward of communicating and communing with the God of the universe.

Get back to praying daily and appreciate the hand and heart of God not just what He can do for us!
Prayer works!